Now I can see the wood has rottened. If you bought Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs from retailers other than Keurig between September 7, 2010 and August 14, 2020, you may be included in this settlement. The plaintiffs said that defects in the products caused leaking, leading to additional damage, including wood rot in structures. My double hangs are falling apart as well. You can try contacting class counsel with your questions. Dead Dean The windows in the home are original and have not been replaced or repaired. We have proline Pella Windows that have wood rot. May 29th 2019. Spent numerous hours in depositions . Even if only the first episode, cost about $5,400, was considered eligible, that is a payment for less than 5% of the costs the claim form asked to be documented.
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  • I was not aware of the class action suit and did not get my claim in before the deadline. You can search for current settlements on Top Class Actions, com, and; Settlement Rebates for 2021 American Media, Inc. … Get multiple quotes and make sure you let Anderson walk out, the last quote as they think they are leaving is the best, especially overpriced Renewal. Andersen hardware failed us on all windows costing us 198.00 per window to replace ourselves after 5 years in a new home. I too, missed the chance to sign up as a party.