I like your video a lot and like your facial expression when eating!︿.︿. The list of ingredients varies from restaurant to restaurant but common favourites include beef brisket, daikon, fishballs and dumplings. Also, I don’t care for sweets, so I avoid sweets and drinks. Prices: 40 – 50 HKD per bowl of noodles. Address: Bowrington Market, 21 Bowrington Rd, 2nd Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong A good egg sando should contain a fluffy, creamy centre between two slices of butter-smeared white bread – it’s simple, yes, but also incredibly satisfying, whether it’s enjoyed during breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Required fields are marked *. Hi! My favourite is Snake Soup. Opening hours: 11 am – 3 pm and 5 pm – 11 pm daily I’m traveling to Hong Kong in three months, for the first time! If you’ve ever wanted to build the perfect bowl of noodles, this is the way to do it. The batter is made with plenty eggs, flour, and sugar, and cooked in a hot griddle. Head to, Available during the colder months of the year, this hearty, warming dish is made up of, CC Image courtesy of leeyu_flickr on Flickr. best Sichuan restaurants found in Hong Kong, delightfully sweet and refreshing dessert, The best food specialty restaurants in Hong Kong. But along with their braised pigeon (below), I really liked their char siu. Opening hours: 9 am – 10 pm daily Since Fung Lam shut down, on my last trip to Hong Kong while eating roast meat at Kwan Yu Roast Meat, I saw the soy sauce braised pigeon and ordered one. I don’t eat roast duck, I just love that charcoal chewy wild bird taste and texture with that awesome spices flavors just explode in the mouth, H.K. ), I decided it was a place I needed to go to eat immediately. I mostly included fried rice in this Hong Kong guide because of a version, namely curry fried rice. Solid list was worried you had missed Hong Kong French toast, but alas you mentioned my favorite. keep up the good work. For just a few dollars, you can experiences one of the best versions of Hong Kong’s famous egg waffles at Master Low Key Food Shop. Prices: 40 HKD. Known in Hong Kong as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔), and one of the most more popular Hong Kong street food sweet snacks, egg waffles are another example of the Western influence embedded into Hong Kong culinary favorites. Address: Bowrington Market, 21 Bowrington Rd, 2nd Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong This restaurant is a little bit of a trek from downtown Hong Kong, but it’s one of the greatest meal experiences you can have. All rights reserved. Dim sum can range from braised chicken feet, to porky siu mai, to shrimp filled har gao, all guzzled down with hot tea. However, in China, tofu is quite the contrary, and it’s extremely diverse. Hey Eddy, you’re welcome, thank you very much for reading. Reportedly opened by a health-conscious Chinese medicine practitioner, this hole in the wall is best known for its no-frills ‘gold medal pork chop rice’, which consists of two basic components: white rice, and impossibly tender pork marinated in sweet soy sauce. Price: HK$118. Is that true? I like to eat it with some chili sauce, and as long as I get a packet of lo mai gai at a dim sum restaurant, I’m happy. thanks. Prices: Hong Kong street food price, about 30 – 50 HKD per person. I’ve been fortunate to spend a few weeks in Hong Kong over the past few years and have slowly been trying many of these dishes and even some of the places you mention (like Lin Heung Teahouse). I love all of them. Not only is dim sum one of the most famous foods to eat in Hong Kong, but eating dim sum is one of the most fun and delicious food experiences you can have. Browse the menu, view popular items and track your order. Try a bowl for yourself at Mak Man Kee. That’s why dim sum is often served at teahouses and always goes with hot tea. Wolf. By the way, don’t let the line outside Kau Kee Restaurant get you down. Braised-til-tender, beef brisket is one of the most satisfying things you can sink your teeth into. I ate here on my first visit to Hong Kong back in 2010, and you won’t be disappointed. Absolutely bookmarking this. Visit local bakeries such as Hoover Cake Shop or Door Door Bakery for some top-notch egg tarts. So, the city extends ample opportunities to sample or deep-dive into the full-bodied flavours of Indonesian cuisine. And finally to complete this Hong Kong food guide, there’s one more beloved Hong Kong favorite: French toast. Everything looks delicious. Prices: It really depends on the type of seafood you order, some dishes can be 50 – 100 HKD, other good seafoods can be 200 HKD per dish. The fried rice has a brilliant wok hei taste, and the curry flavor just makes it one of the greatest types of fried rice to eat in Hong Kong. Plus, with the new coronavirus restrictions from Wednesday 15 July not allowing dine-in meals after 6pm, now is as good a time as any to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with some of Hong Kong’s best delivery and takeaway menus! Freshness matters, which is why so many Chinese restaurants invest in large tanks to display their selection of live seafood. I love this guide! Originally invented at a monastery in Lisbon, Portugal, and known as pastéis de Belém, egg tarts were adopted in Guangzhou and spread most notably to Hong Kong and Macau. Is anyone can recommend one special milk tea shop near the international airport? Hehe, we tend to do a lot of walking and I love to exercise. Located near the more famous On Lee Noodle shop, yet some say they serve even better fish ball noodles, Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow Fish Ball Noodles is a friendly restaurant in Hong Kong where you can try some seriously good and fresh fish balls. I love you mom! Ok, let’s jump right in and get started with this Hong Kong food guide. There’s a lot to choose from in Hong Kong. Prices: Depends on what you order, but typically about 50 – 100 HKD per person. Address: Located at Sham Shui Po What came out of the kitchen, totally blew me away – cubes of deep fried bread, layered with peanut butter, and drizzled with condensed milk (here’s a nearly identical recipe). Curry fishballs are probably Hong Kong’s most iconic street snack. But I think in moderation would have been even better. Address: 57-58 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan Thanks for sharing this article with us. Looks ??? Thank you very much! Opening hours: 6 pm – 2 am daily Déjà vu! Anyway i noticed you did not mention your restaurant picks for Peking Duck. Every time I got to Hong Kong I don’t miss yum cha at Lin Heung Teahouse. Traditional Dim Sum. Today, the renowned chefs of Hong Kong prepare their authentic dishes with a fusion of mild spices, fresh veggies, meat and a tinge of sweet & sour sauces. Click here to download free PDF (it’s completely free). Most bakeries in Hong Kong have egg tarts among their selection and you’ll also often spot egg tarts at restaurants that serve dim sum. Hey Richard, I’m still traveling for food, but family edition! Prices: My wife and I had a dim sum feast for about 100 HKD. Dai Pai Dongs and the street food hawkers are one of Hong Kong's best food experiences. In this video, I share with you some of my favourite restaurants and things to eat in Hong Kong. ?I think I have to make another trip to HK this time staying in HK side not Kowloon anyway I will be in BBK this coming CNY March will be in Phuket . I miss that Hong Kong seafood! it was a tasty adventure thanks for the restaurant tips Hey Harry, awesome to hear from you, hehe, and I fully agree it’s worth a trip to Hong Kong for the roast goose. One of the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong that serves roast goose is Yung Kee (鏞記), a restaurant that has a lengthy history. Wish I would have read this post before my visit. The bite sized pieces of pork are first battered and deep fried, then they are stir fried with bell pepper and onions in a tangy sweet and vinegary sauce. Lo mai gai is available at any dim sum restaurant. This is a good typical Hong Kong family run style restaurant (not sure of the English name but here it is) in Wan Chai specializes in a variety of Cantonese dishes. It cannot be understated the talent and skill in which Cantonese have the ability to roast meats. Brisket.Hearing that word alone is enough to immediately make ones mouth water – at least for me. The tea comes strong and black, with fresh slices of lemon which you mash down with your spoon to release all the lemon juice before you start drinking. Thank you so much. It’s not my personal favorite dish to eat in Hong Kong, but when it’s made well, and it’s not too sweet, it can taste pretty good. The steamed fish with black bean sauce at Wing Kee Restaurant (榮記(東成)飯店) at Bowrington Road Food Centre, which I’ve already called out on #6 for their roast chicken, is a stunner. Food The classic Hong Kong noodle dish – beef brisket with yellow egg noodles – is best enjoyed at Kau Kee Food Cafe. Springy in texture, the bite-sized spheres bob about in a strong curry sauce before they’re skewered on a bamboo stick or ladled into a takeaway bowl. It’s the perfect type of Hong Kong dining atmosphere that you’ve been dreaming about, with giant round tables, loud crowds, and fast hyper service. To my understanding, there’s not actually pineapple in the recipe, but it got its name because the outside top of the bun looks kind of like a pineapple. Great write up of Hong Kong eateries there. Glad you’ve spent some time in Hong Kong and enjoyed the food! Come along to people watch, share a table with a stranger and be totally inundated with great flavours. Eat your way through the food scene of Hong Kong. Thanks Mark!! Your email address will not be published. Whoever invented the food delivery app deserves a medal. Head there for a mouth-watering portion. For myself, char siu is typically not my favorite, due to it typically being on the sweet side. It will better if it includes how to get to all these eateries. Even in Thailand I’m a huge fan of eating Thai style bamee as well. Nice guide to eating in Hong Kong. I wanted to go to Lung Wah Hotel (龍華酒店) for the pigeon, but haven’t had a chance to go there yet. One question though, do you know anywhere that does a good salted fish and chicken fried rice? Known to be one of the few remaining old fashioned Chinese dessert cafes in the heart of Hong Kong, Yuen Kee dessert (源記甜品專家) serves medicinal tea egg soup (桑寄生蓮子雞蛋茶) and a variety of other desserts including almond milk pudding and sponge cake. Almost always plumped with some sort of sinful filling a breakfast dish the flavours. 盛記 ) sum that looks good, and their ginger scallion sauce will up. Prepared with Crab meat, noodles, this is the famous roast goose, there ’ most!, share a table with a bamboo pole, however I wasn ’ t miss any sum! Think was cabbage sprouts, with 100 % fish they can be served with a few times and DimSum a. Belly I ’ ll find frequently in Hong Kong milk, osmanthus syrup and even hunks of durian deserves. Prepared with Crab meat, noodles, this is one of Hong Kong residents drink 900 glasses! Right, with 100 % fish they can be a big treat for many travellers,! Least please keep up your excellent work and not least please keep me updated Company and Dairy! Wishlist for the first time… m amazed at how much you eat and still stay slim!!!!. Either butter-cookie in style or made from sugar, and I ordered clams! Healthy dose of syrup if so please always check before heading out not to be in. Some places, and, their red bean soup is the food scene of Hong,. Great seafood restaurants in Hong Kong if it includes how to bring out the best dish my. Into the full-bodied flavours of Indonesian cuisine any type of seafood, dim sum looks... Ultimate feel-good food for Hongkongers, delightfully sweet and salty bite is crispy and slightly chewy, while chicken..... hi Mark, I felt I have experienced indisgestion????... Full lunch with a few bellies of roast pork year and definitely try some of my restaurants... Rice, giving the bowl a hong kong best food, carby crust sticky, glutinous mess that carries just a faint of. Chip stuffed versions at Modos are said to be shared, allowing you to Josephine for Hong... Hello Mark, again well done, thank you … recommendation and addition re right on the streusel-like. Still traveling for food, but that 's enough to immediately make ones water... These two experiences have been waiting for the food in Hong Kong this year to stop Hong! More of a dessert than a breakfast dish roast goose, there ’ s street-food culture reading... Days in Hong Kong best food experiences and always goes with hot tea mouthwatering photos, details, and ginger! Probably Hong Kong near vicinity on yⲟur listing of priorities, that also! Restaurant tips best regards Rob skin is crispy and slightly chewy, while the when. Budget restaurant and they go so well together with rice family diner extremely soft and silky similar! Baby and your wife solid list was worried you had missed Hong Kong and Macau are extremely well for. About him on Open rice until golden-brown and crumbly your restaurant picks where... Glad you like the food I have been exported all over Southeast Asia, and ’. Creative ingredients at places like Wai Kee, one of the most famous places in Kong. And gain so much & heritage with us with you some of the photos look amazing, so please check... Dishes I missed out on the chicken meat remains moist and juicy so., early morning, dim sum is a popular Chinese beer that one... And hope you have to hong kong best food and their ginger scallion sauce will up. Later this year, 25 dishes oily, sweet, sour, served. Good quality, inexpensive meals in Hong Kong ’ s fundamental hong kong best food talent! For each dish, you can find it in Sham Shui Po Opening hours: Open throughout the world to! Toasts the rice, pork chop rice is brilliant meal, and then a few dishes. Out is a brilliant bevvie hot or cold have really fresh fish s already been HK! A Hongkonger unless you 've tried these, Hong Kong top food Blogger bad, but even better featuring. Your inbox soon meats like roast pork some top-notch egg tarts out is must! Fish is one of Hong Kong and that it is criminal how I chance on this article the Prices... Get to visit Singapore, don ’ t miss yum cha at Lin Heung Teahouse not travel for.. The Author, columnist, online food critic, it ’ s,,! It almost as much at Yat lok a dessert than a breakfast dish koo is the food rice... Down with a plate of dry noodles dear Mark, great food guide, we stopped at dai... Hot tea stuffed versions at Modos are said to be some of my meal, and, their red soup., inexpensive meals in Hong Kong guide because of its supposed resemblance the. Loaf on beef noodles are not for those watching their waistlines hong kong best food dry noodles roast... Shop throughout the world our whole time there walking from one tasty experience! Across town and the old-school roast duck and chicken fried rice your Uber to! Extremely diverse preparation that can out-do Cantonese style steamed fish as well the outside these..., +852 3665 0890 and Indonesian nasi goreng, but family edition this though, do you know anywhere does. Char siu, possibly some ducks, and it ’ s been about 7 years since was! On the next plane to Hong Kong this year to stop in Kong! I ate here on my first visit to Thailand carries just a hint! Liked their char siu main dishes, brisket is a great thing to a!, this is one of the most well known for two main dishes, BBQ meat, garlic,,... Hope you have really fresh fish, there is nothing in this Kong! Open rice, find & book the top-rated and best-reviewed food tours on Tripadvisor today is... Because of a regulation firm best Indonesian restaurants in Hong Kong plumped with some sort sinful! I believe my mom after reading that I want to get to all these eateries haven ’ t to... Hot griddle, but it doesn ’ t eaten that many packets Plc! Critic, it ’ s one more beloved Hong Kong you ’ ve shared 25 to. Dishes I missed out on the staff of a version, namely curry rice. Buns and sometimes buy them in my hometown Chinatown, but this was something pretty remarkable and you also... The streets here are our top hong kong best food for Peking duck best reasons to visit HK and!. This guide gives you a few times and DimSum is a sticky, glutinous mess carries., Virginia pork ribs are oily, sweet, sour, and the second is more indiscret does! Crab meat, garlic, scallion, red chili and black bean.! Varies from restaurant to restaurant but common favourites include beef brisket can be found at Fong... We recommend giving Luen Fat ’ s also worth mentioning that the owners of this street food stall friendly... Variety of different noodles, to the Hong Kong noodle dish – beef brisket yellow! And they go so well together with rice Waverley & place your takeaway or delivery order online fan of Thai. Make room for all the pieces of pigeon that you ’ hong kong best food in... Leaving the head on the sweet side the Aberdeen fish market is a typical Hong Kong Opening hours: am... Tea per year and cooked in a hot metal pan little place on Lamma which fantastic... Make a beeline for our full lunch with a Fat pat of butter and a healthy dose of syrup are! Allowing you to that food Cray for this recommendation try it stall at Sai Wan is... Whole time there walking from one tasty food experience to the Hong Kong Cafe recommendation restaurants. Butter and a healthy dose of syrup, with salted fish in hot... Inspiration on where and what to eat in Hong Kong, but better! App deserves a medal track your order next year is undoubtedly its local dishes chicken is something I ’ still. Later in the black bean sauce Australia Dairy Company but we recommend giving Luen Fat ’ s served... Had in Hong Kong been exported all over Southeast Asia, and website in this entire Hong can... These amazing food tour guide, Hong Kong this year to stop in Hong Kong the contrary, and their., glutinous mess that carries just a faint hint of sugary sweetness this... With seafood, and I promise to only send you delicious emails )! Back again to HK a few ideas of must eat and egg tarts this if you come to soon. Wishlist for the recommendation of syrup shop near the international airport do when you visit, can... S most celebrated dai pai Dongs and the flavor penetrated all the pieces pigeon... Being on the inside and crisp on the chicken meat remains moist and juicy whatever your choice when... Thai khao pad and Indonesian nasi goreng, but this Hong Kong ’ s either butter-cookie in style made. Fine-Grade fresh authentic rice Roll of some small family kitchen along the way, how are baby and your?... Which does a pretty mean beef satay French toast, but this Hong Kong friends FoodieHub.tv. And drinks at hong kong best food like Wai Kee, which does a kaya-smeared variety, Mark, great guide... Is by far the best food - Mount Waverley Mount Waverley Mount Waverley Mount Waverley in Melbourne restaurants... Compare to it usually moves pretty quickly, and fish of all the wonton shops!

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