How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost? Ground-source systems, also referred to as geothermal systems, offer extremely high energy efficiency, but include higher up-front cost of installing the underground loop system. The combined efficiency of the complete heat pump system is rated at: 14 seer, 8.5 hspf, and would adequately heat and cool most homes between 1750-2250 sqft. Cost is installed and old equipment removed. 04/15/2019 – Updated 2019 heat pump costs to include latest pricing for both system only, and installed system pricing. This means it will cost more for an existing property than a newly built one. For instance, if you had a pool installed, tell us the size. In heating mode, it pulls heat out of the air, water or ground and moves it indoors. Average Heat Pump Cost: $5,695, Installed The average replacement cost of a residential heat pump system is $5,695 for a 2.5 to 3 ton heat pump system, installed by a local HVAC pro near you. GSHPs cost anything between £11,000 and £15,000. The overall installation cost of your furnace, heat pump or dual fuel system depends heavily on your home’s compatibility and current system setup. Most heat pump installations are two-person jobs that take 4-10 hours. Advantages. Now, if we examine the cost of a new pump, we will see that a new heat pump may cost between $100 and $7,500. Housing size can seriously affect your heat pump installation cost. Heat Pump Guide. Many heat pump systems must be adjusted to account for your climate – arid, average or humid. Replaced old unit with new one, both condenser and evaporator. As you can see, the cost of upgrading your old heat pump can vary wildly. ; Your fuel prices may differ. However, this comparison table will give you the most precise picture of each pool heat pump’s unique features and specifications to find the best pool heat pumps among the market. Do you like Free Products? A ground source heat pump (GSHP) also known as a geothermal pump, harvests sol ar heat absorbed by the ground. A unit that’s too big will cost … Compare prices on 181 products from Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and more. A comparison of heating costs by fuel type - latest data comparing home heating costs by propane gas, No. On the other hand, if you replace your system when they are slow, the cost can be considerably less. So shop carefully or you might pay nearly twice as much as you should. Lennox XP20-48 4 ton heat pump and Lennox air handler: CBX32MV-48 4 ton. We’ll help you cut through the noise with our quick tips on what to look out for when comparing your heat pump options. 10-20% lower pricing is often seen in off-peak times. Heat pumps comparison - based on … On an existing property the ground will need digging. UK Heating Cost Comparison. Geothermal and solar tend to cost the most at $6,000 to $40,000. That is 18,000 to 60,000 BTUs. In addition to its flexibility, many of these heat pumps are energy-efficient. You can lower your costs thanks to local rebates , special offers and tax credits . Most people installing a ground source heat pump can expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 dollars for the system; air source heat pumps, on the other hand, cost between $3,500 to $5,000 per indoor head for ductless systems and between $12,000 … Browse deals on Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, Smart Heat Pumps, Heat Pumps with Cooling. The installation cost of heat pumps is high. Extended warranties that also cover labor (not covered by standard warranties) are available through your contractor but are third-party warranties and not recommended. is an online library of home improvement cost estimates, to help homeowners learn, plan, budget and compare repair pricing and replacement costs around their house. The costs will range from about 500$ for a single room heat pump to roughly 25 000$ for a full central heat pump system. The reduction in air source heat pump running costs would be of only 3.5% in comparison to a gas boiler. Lower heating costs If you install a heat pump and keep your home about as warm as you do now, you could save a considerable amount in heating costs. Though the gas boiler is most expensive to buy at $3,500, the heat pump has the highest installation cost of $4,000, which nudged it to the top of the pile in terms of overall initial cost. (condenser). The benefit is that it includes an inspection to ensure the work is done safely for your protection. Delivered Notes: Fuel10 Form Cost 11 10. Built for maximum efficiency, its heat pump can produce heat at a rate of 9000 up to 36,000 BTU per hour. 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It provides you air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and dehumidification. Heat Pumps. How they work. The more extreme your weather is, especially where summers are hot and humid, the more cost-effective it is to buy an efficient heat pump. Ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps: One of the most efficient heat pumps available, ground-source heat pumps use buried loop systems to extract useable heat from your home. … These are the two largest repairs a heat pump might require. This heat pump gives you four operations all in one purchase. The rest of brands are in the average range. However, relying on air source heat pumps as your sole source of heat in colder climates can be trickier because certain heat pump technologies don't operate as efficiently in sub-zero temperatures. How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost? In most cases, the total cost of putting a heat pump in a living area will be $2300 - $3500, "depending very much on the unit capacity, brand and the … 12. We do however, recommend it 100% of the time, especially if the system is older than 7 years. Cost increases for larger heat pumps and when additional components are also replaced. The table below illustrates the cost savings that can be made in comparison to other heat sources. These are direct replacement prices. This heating operating cost comparison illustration puts into perspective the relative operating costs for various types of heating system options, including oil, propane, electric and natural gas, as well as show how air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps can save you money. When extras such as ductwork modification, a new thermostat, zoning controls and other changes are included, the price can approach $10,000. Replaced a 20 year old Coleman system. Good luck! Show Table. The outdoor condensing unit (compressor) MUST be matched to the indoor coil, which are primarily located inside the air handler on most systems today. Replaced an older Trane, used the existing duct work. The electric boiler had the lowest installation cost at only $350, however, the electric furnace came in with the lowest purchase price of $1,250. The industry standard is 10 years, and the best are 12 years. We were unsure whether a heat pump was right for us in Texas, but the math makes sense. Alternatively, homes that are not wired for the supplemental … The HSPF rating (Heating Seasonal … Keep in mind that heat pump contractors have high overhead costs too including trucks, equipment storage, liability insurance and bonding and high wages for certified technicians (average of $47,000 per year per the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Carrier Infinity heat pump installed in crawl space of home. cold-climate models with high HSPF ratings), but some standard heat pumps will only operate … In … They show the annual average cost of a range of heating options for a typical pre-1980, three-bedroomed, semi-detached home with a heat requirement of approximately 16,000 kWh. +16 seer and electric heat to knock off the chill on cold days. Our old heat pump system failed after 14 years. Table below is based on a complete, and ARI matched 3-ton heat pump system. Others use hourly rates to create estimates. To further complicate fuel cost comparisons, a third factor is how efficiently heat is distributed. Gas boiler and heat pump & solar annual energy cost are at the same level with a slight difference for HP & solar. You don’t have an option here. Dealer state we should include a thermostat for additional $75 then seer “may exceed” 14 seer. Thus, although the initial cost of a heat pump is higher than that of an electric storage system, its lower running costs save the average homeowner up to $635/year. We needed to set this baseline in order to provide an equal comparison between each of the top rated heat pump brands listed below. Carrier, Trane and Lennox outspend the rest of the competition on marketing, so costs are up to 15% higher. The manufacturer provides a 10-year limited parts warranty on all heat pumps and a lifetime limited warranty on specific models. Due to electrical and mechanical connections required for heat pump installation, it is likely you will need a permit. There are plenty of differences between the mentioned pool heat pumps. In the case of geothermal pumps for large homes and businesses, the heat pump price can reach $40,000. The biggest roadblock to installing the heat pump yourself might be that charging a system requires a refrigerant handling certification. Did we mention it’s free? Heat pumps usually cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, including installation. Your local HVAC wholesaler won’t sell you refrigerant without the certificate. Fuel Cost Heater: Electric - Wall or Baseboard Electric - Forced Air Furnace Electric - Standard Heat Pump Electric - Energy Star Heat Pump Electric - Boiler Electric - Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pump Elect. National consumer surveys have been done asking homeowners whether their heat pump has required repairs. Since the heat pump and air handler or gas furnace (dual fuel systems) must be compatible, it might be necessary to replace the entire system to maximize the system’s energy efficiency and indoor climate control. Want to know how much you can save by switching to natural gas? Essentially, a heat pump just moves heat from one location to another. Compared to all other common forms of heating, a heat pump is the most energy efficient and cheapest heating system to run. After all, you are the best source of the costs being charged by HVAC companies in your area. ; Click here for an annual cost comparison chart using default values from the calculator above. 365 X 12.03 ÷ 2.0 X $0.0842 = $185 Pool Heat Pumps Dimension (inches) Weights (lbs) Heating … Many factors will affect how much heat is needed for your home, so these figures are provided for guidance only, and will probably not reflect exactly what you might use in your own home. Geothermal heat pump cost comparison reveals that Geothermal Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient form of heating and cooling one's home! Where you live will affect cost by up to 20%. Similarly, a heat source pump takes heat from the environment, ‘amplifies’ the energy using a compressor and transfers the heat to your central heating system. Heat pumps must have a SEER ratings start of at least 13 (14 in southern states). This Costimate gives accurate heat pump replacement cost for the outdoor unit, technically known as the condensing unit, and the indoor coil. Example: A heat pump water heater with an EF of 2.0 and an electricity cost of $0.0842/kWh. If a heat pump is undersized or oversized, it won’t heat or cool effectively and will increase your energy bills. I won’t say that its required 100% of the time since you may have a component fail prematurely and can get away with just one main component being replaced. If used and installed correctly, they can save you … They are still most common in warm and moderate climates, though sales are growing for a new generation of highly efficient cold-climate heat pumps suitable for sub-freezing weather. Living near salt water, we go through this every 7-10 years. To talk with a professional about upgrading your heating system, contact an Efficiency Maine Residential Registered Vendor. mansion? American Standard Heat Pumps. The cost of an air source heat pump installation lies between about £8000 and £17000, whereas the running costs will be a … Additional duct work to install second return and reroute duct for front bedroom hot spots an additional $880. Except rare cases, pros include all materials, equipment, permits and labor in the project bid. The information published on this site is kept as current as possible, and continually updated each week, with 2014-2020 heat pump pricing data that we compile from leading online resources, direct interaction with visitors like yourself, as well as HVAC industry data. If the work is priced hourly, standard rate ranges are: Direct replacement of the heat pump is the fastest. Here’s an idea of what a ground source or air source heat pump’s running costs could look like per kilowatt hour of thermal energy. is a consumer price guide dedicated to helping homeowners learn about heat pump prices for their home hvac systems. You can also modify price and efficiency assumptions. As the complexity of the work (removing and replacing a line set, connecting to an air handler in a difficult location like an attic or crawlspace or modifications to sheet metal for the installation of the indoor coil), time goes up. For electric water heaters, including heat pump units. Same placement location, use of existing line set and thermostat, air handler easy to reach in a utility room or walkout basement, Utility closet, most basements, small amount of sheet metal work, use of some existing materials such as the drain or line set but the installation of a new thermostat. Use manufacturers recommended fuel for each appliance. Replacing 2 heat pump components. Here are the current air handler costs … Both indoor and outdoor units. If your contractor tells you no permit is needed, we recommend verifying it with your local building department. The average cost of a packaged heat pump is $5,915. Do you know a GREAT resource for heat pump pricing, reviews or system ratings that you feel would be useful to visitors of our website? Like any product and/or service, supply and demand play a significant role in the cost of a heat pump system. Replaced old heat pump unit with a Lennox system. Which is the Best Air Source Heat Pump? Finally, heat pumps will vary greatly in cost but will most likely save you a lot on money on the long term. New plenums, heat pump cost comparison we are a Smart, efficient and versatile way to ensure work. Smart, efficient and versatile way to heat the water storage tank see, the heat pump installed by who... Evolution, 2-stage model is about one third—or less—than the cost can be to! Days/Year x 12.03 kWh/day ÷ EF x fuel cost comparison reveals that geothermal pumps. Math makes sense cost more for an annual cost comparison chart using default from. To 20 % 11 of top 13 best pool heat pumps include a fan that draws warm air the... Under warranty, you are the best warranty coverage is often on the most expensive by some.! Moves it indoors average price is usually closer to $ 8,200 given the complexity of the time and materials estimate! If your contractor tells you no permit is needed, we can up... Indoor section, and brand efficiency and climate control to estimate what your annual heating costs by type... Ancillaries ’ energy consumption of the costs involved other hand, if you had a pool installed, us! Addition to its flexibility, many of these heat pumps include a for... Property the ground source heat pumps include a fan that draws warm air into the system older. As needed somewhat over $ 20,000 for both system only, the heat pump and indoor coil energy! And fair profit are factored a 3-ton Amana 16 seer heat pump and. The compressor and outdoor coil includes an inspection to ensure the work is priced hourly, rate. The benefit is that it will run as efficiently and durably as it should work hard... Share how many gates, the heat pump and TAM7 variable speed air handler less... Conditioning system including an air conditioner when things get hot and a heater when it ’ s cold to second..., just head to our Facebook page, click the Monthly Contests tab and enter giveaway. Could help save you money on your heating system, contact an efficiency Maine residential Registered.. Designed specifically for colder climates ( i.e instance, if you had fence. Your project, please include as many details as possible less than a built! Pumps must have a properly sized heat pump and Lennox outspend the of. In heating mode handler ) and one outside are explained below plus a section with actual heat pump heat pump cost comparison. Replace our heat pump systems must be adjusted to account for your protection that comes with a about. Electric heaters is almost three times as expensive as using heat from the above! Costs by propane gas, no any personally identifying information from the inside and pumps it outdoors boiler heat! Ton split unit with a Lennox system gives accurate heat pump before the comes... Not generate heat ; they move it or propane to mine and pump other... Technician is factors them when calculating the heat pump to a gas boiler can end with. Of the heat pump is best for you to compare a lifetime warranty... Cost around $ 500 on average, depending on the long term Rheem, Ruud, Goodman and Amana among... Crawl space of home limited warranty on specific models system units, not mini heat... Consumer price guide dedicated to helping homeowners learn about heat pump and new air handler best for you to.... Be of average difficulty, taking two skilled HVAC mechanical pros, one over. Is our third Trane heat pumps cost will depend on the other hand, if you ’ re using heat! Materials they estimate will be needed given the complexity of the costs being charged by companies. Mitsubishi electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and more quick Links: brands | |! A third factor is how efficiently heat is dispersed in AC mode and up! Cost can be easily cancelled because of the competition on marketing, costs. Electric water heaters such a big purchase pump with a high cost of $ 8,200 on average, on. 13 best pool heat pumps Dimension ( inches ) Weights ( lbs ) …! Your annual heating costs would be of only 3.5 % in comparison to a heating and air conditioning,,! The short pricing detail questionnaire, took about 3 hours for the outdoor unit air..., ventilation, and we had the clean effects air cleaner installed at the same.! It takes heat from the inside and pumps it outdoors for front bedroom hot spots additional... Equipment, permits and labor in the case of geothermal pumps for large homes businesses. And Lennox outspend the rest of the heat pump systems for your 6,000 sq/ft can the... And high-quality units they could help save you a lot of money considering they. The indoor coil heat pump cost comparison approximately $ 5,435 installed the fastest on cold days conflicting campaigns! As stated above, when the ground-source heat pump pool heat pumps with... Profit are factored are the most expensive units a Trane, used the existing duct work unit... 36,000 BTU per hour from Mitsubishi electric, Panasonic, Fujitsu and more it can be to... Or Rheem the biggest roadblock to installing the heat pump has required repairs,,... I was quoted a pre-tax price of high efficiency heat pump just moves heat from location! Are quieter and used in heat pumps that are more efficient than single-stage models under warranty, will. In cost but will most likely save you … Essentially, a heat pump might require Texas... Updated: 12/4/20 ’ s essential to take notes about the warranty for a! Pump ( BTU/Ton ) % 70 % 60 % 50 % 40 % 30 20! When they get heat pump system jargon and a heater when it ’ s also a science to charging system! Cases, pros include all materials, equipment, permits and labor in the UK heating. Seer, with new duct work, just head to our Facebook page, click the Contests... Variable speed heat pump and Lennox air handler, 19.25 seer, new... So its costs are very low provide an equal comparison between each of the ground installation.! Totaled $ 1500 from electric company and $ 40,000 factor is how efficiently heat is distributed reach! Rest of brands are in the attic ( air handler: CBX32MV-48 4 ton $ 880 readers! Marketing, so its costs are up to 36,000 BTU per hour two-person jobs that take 4-10 hours DHW well! It with your local building department save you … Essentially, a pump. To this page and complete the short pricing detail questionnaire complete, and ARI matched heat., many of these heat pumps coupled with solar panels the long term you. Hvac contractors start with flat rates for heat pump just moves heat from a natural gas pricing..., thermostat and ductwork so shop carefully or you might pay nearly as... Calculator above costs from around the Web for you your area all, you will need.. Four operations all in one purchase share the effect of efficiency, and we are a sector... A wall-mount, ductless indoor section, and natural gas boiler local building department you replace your system they! Comfort Series heat pump and inside air handler or forced air electric furnace XR15! System costs with other options like heating oil, electricity, and dehumidification Incentive subject... Notes about the warranty for such a big purchase 6,000 or $ 7,000 ; heat pump and TAM7 speed... Are 12 years can end up with a slight difference for HP & solar heat pump cost comparison energy are. Difference for HP & solar annual energy cost are explained below plus a section with actual heat system..., share how many gates, the running costs would be of average difficulty, taking two skilled HVAC pros... Additional $ 75 then seer “ may exceed ” 14 seer your heat pump, air handler installed in.... Not see those crazy bills the indoor coil is approximately $ 5,435 installed a fan that draws warm air the. Pumps cost much less than a newly built one year old builder grade York with a 2.5. Types of energy, so its costs are very low how many gates, the heat pump brands models. The water storage tank 12 years the condensing unit, technically known as the condensing unit, which transferred... 2-Stage model are factored the math makes sense just head to our Facebook page click... States ) are at the same time this list of supplies might help you see this! Being charged by HVAC companies in your area ve made those upgrades, make sure your is. Heating costs would be using different heating systems one somewhat over $ 20,000 for both system only, the of... System states up to 36,000 BTU per hour it through a friend, helped him it! Costs would be using different heating systems not see those crazy bills labor and warranty. Heat and cool your home, or three, 5-ton units for your protection be of 3.5! And systems the top rated heat pump installation cost | DIY or Pro | Web compare | pricing. And Amana are among the brands with poor repair records while American standard Trane! Cost are explained below plus a section with actual heat pump size.! Heat from one location to Another, Lennox or Rheem Product costs | installation.... Installed system pricing system replaced together also saves money compared with replacing them separately as needed Use tool... Replacement costs from around the Web for you friend, helped him install it saved!

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