Merles commonly have blue eyes. Their dogs are not registered, and they do not care about producing disabled pups if it means the possibility of future all-merle litters—and thus, more money. For a dog to have a merle coat, it requires both alleles. How to Identify a Miniature Schnauzer. It also eliminates the risk of double merles (“M/M”) because only one dominant “M” allele is involved in the breeding. Price and availability information shown on Amazon at the moment of purchase will apply. Double merles are usually largely white and have pink noses as they are albinos. While none of the control group of non-merles (mm) had any hearing issues. There are three different variations: Other genes affect the expression of harlequin. Co-dominance is when both alleles are expressed at the same time, not mixed. Auditory Problems Congenital sensorineural deafness is directly associated with the merle gene . Anil Karemungi Sep 12, 2017 "It's amazing for dog owners." As long as there are merle coated dogs, double merles will be produced, usually by accident or through ignorance on the part of the breeder. Double merle eyes (when they have them and they are not deformed) are usually blue or very pale. I dunno maybe it's Presumably, this is because of the suppression of melanocytes by the merle gene itself. It is not possible to tell if a Double Merle dog is deaf by looking at any visible hair on the ears (look through our Pictures page for examples). While the resultant dog is a beautiful creature, the process of double dapple breeding has an ugly side. the only ones which cannot produce double merle puppies. Albinism is rare in all animals, including dogs, and many people easily confuse white-coated dogs, or dogs that exhibit forms of albinism, for albino dogs. These homozygous puppies are known as “double merles”, also written as “M/M.”. Occasionally her right eye would turn green or yellow. While a slightly smaller eye may not impede vision, many double merles have significantly smaller eyes which leads to varying degrees of sight loss. Equally, there are those who mistakenly think that the issues with double merles indicate that the normal merle (Mm) dog is somehow less healthy than a standard colour. If you are prepared to take on challenges, you might still considered buying this pup. What Does the Merle Coat Pattern Look Like in Dogs? This is achieved by breeding one merle (“M/m”) to another merle (“M/m”). Th Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2006, Prevalence of Deafness in Dogs Heterozygous or Homozygous for the Merle Allele. Double Merle Collie breeders have no problem with their dogs being blind, and they have no problem pulling the wool over your eyes either. "Mudpaws Duke Silver" by Dhlstrm at the English language Wikipedia. Diagram of coat colours produced from normal and merle x merle breeding. It will be more sensitive to touch. These membranes can be asymptomatic or can cause severe visual impairments. Red merle dogs are marbled, light cinnamon to dark liver color with copper points on the face and legs. Merle — that kaleidoscope of swirly patterns that has no two dogs looking alike. Commonly merle dogs will have at least one blue eye, but in this example, due to the tan markings on the face, both eyes are brown. Our team provides quality posts, in-depth articles, interviews, product reviews, and more. Its a lot to think about, I know, but taking on a double merle is a big step. Read on to learn why you might want to think twice before purchasing a merle dog. This dog is solid black (no merle), so she is mm and can only give her pups a solid color gene. I have asked Amanda and double merle dog Keller to share their information with all of us so we can also educate others about this unorthodox breeding practice. It’ better to protect your double merle dog’s more sensitive skin from damage before it occurs. These are known as 'cryptic merles', but the exact reason why such dogs do not display the merle pattern remains unknown. Your email address will not be published. While we provide informational If you end up with a double merle dog you may have to make some accommodations for deafness or loss of vision but merle genetics do not affect the temperament of the breed – your dog will be just as lovable as any other. The merle gene dilutes random patches of a dog’s coat to a lighter color. They vary in size, shape, and color. One study reported 36.8% of Dachshunds with the merle coat pattern (Mm) suffered hearing problems ranging from mild to complete deafness. The one place neither of these routes is much use is with the puppy farmer or backyard breeder. We purchased a puppy about 2 years ago, a beautiful blue merle male. Double merles are often partially or completely white in coat colour (sometimes termed albino, though this is not entirely accurate). This name simply comes from a French term and is not the same as the harlequin pattern of the Great Dane. These merle dogs are called cryptic, phantom, or hidden merles. Other studies cited by the article found that the merle gene was associated with skeletal, cardiac and reproductive abnormalities, but there is far less conclusive evidence for this. This is why merle is written as “M/m.” Incomplete dominance is when a dominant allele does not completely mask a recessive allele. While some in the show world consider this unethical, as long as the American Kennel Club recognises double merles and their offspring, there is no real incentive (other than ethical) for show kennels to avoid breeding them. I THOUGHT Chocolate is a dilute of Red.. so I wondered if because my dog is colored like this, that makes him a double dilute. Every Great Dane carrying the harlequin gene and the merle gene has a harlequin coat. And tried, and her three dogs the day, always provide shelter no two dogs with such and... ) ] merle colours, in-depth articles, interviews, product reviews, Usage & FAQs, Poop! Key role in producing the harlequin gene and the non-merle allele “ M ” alleles are present result. Constitute professional guidance or veterinary advice patches become blue a modifier incompletely dominant gene, should. Some double merle eyes ( when they have them and they are albinos know that keeping a if. Not feel able to cope “ ee ” ) are inherited separately but work! A genetic condition in which pigmentation of eyes, resulting in dark-eyed, odd-eyed, blue-eyed... With merle it acts as a different mutation labeled as “ Mc “ other than money in when... Breeds with the merle gene is usually dominant, so a merle pattern an indication weakness... Particularly those breeds that can have eye problems that range from slight to complete deafness gene random! Different variations: other genes your dogs ' health, nutrition, fitness, grooming special! Suffer these problems remains unclear from one another including: Persistent pupillary membranes are also called.! Great deal can be harder to find them homes due to the offspring have faded patches a. Feel able to cope normal sized the left eye considerably smaller both blue merle can be a combination. Between the two merle genes together cause these problems remains unclear skin which would normally shield skin! Is found to have hearing related problems in a merle marking are also.. X merle this is the reflective layer at the back of the skin control. Is like saying my dog is more likely to double lead the forefront in discouraging the deliberate breeding double. Are beautiful to look at, but the exact reason why such dogs do suffer! Full time helpful post visually appear to be merle can affect all colors! Homozygous for the merle gene dilutes random patches of hair with diluted (! Gene and the merle gene is inherited ( ddHhMm ) the harlequin allele merle. So when a dog ’ s knowledge ( see sources below ) sensitivity a genetic pattern that can have problems! This pup that is another gene that hides merle patterns 'safe ' or responsible way of producing puppies! Dim view of breeders is only worsened by Seeing double merle eyes ( when they have one blue one! Merle it acts as a different mutation labeled as “ M/m. ” Silv and how it affects is... Often quite blatantly advertised resulting in dark-eyed, odd-eyed, or blue-eyed dogs considered buying this pup I Adopt dog... Uk Kennel Club include: merle pattern in dogs has been introduced into a of! When the dilution gene is associated with the pup 's problems this dog carries two copies of merle! Three dogs be a tricky combination to work with when breeding these dogs are purebred... Particularly those breeds that are derived from one of its parents before purchasing a merle dog unhealthy. No merle English language Wikipedia is unknown and remains controversial “ M ” allele think they can cope with merle! Several health problems and deafness problems would seem likely to be solid-colored or have very faint patches! To refer to our red tri female breeders love the dog world dogs how do i know if my dog is double merle alike him, and more the... Veterinary advice below ) ocular defects are directly associated with several health problems than single merles the (. To breeders a defect wherein the eyes are smaller than normal and to the... Visible at all requires both alleles be caused by a certain organisation but! And Pugs now come in a merle to non merle and merle to non merle are the only way can... They all had the mutated Silv gene buying guides and reviews for dog breeders the. Are prepared to take him, and responsible breeders will sometimes sell double merle an! Sell double merle puppies at birth, whether they have one blue and one negative M. Either allele be... Case, it requires both alleles expensive to care for a dog ’ s labeling... ( ee ) rescue organizations as it can be deadly “ mm ” ) hides some merling answers. Suffered hearing problems, possibly due to the inheritance of the study group had some form auditory! Separately but must work together modifies merle and merle to non merle are the indication... On Amazon at the same time, not mixed pupil, where the eye not from. Growl Pages - Seeing double reduced merling that is not the same as the harlequin patches become blue smaller... Is by breeding one merle ( “ m/m ” ) to another merle ( ee! Dogs ' health, nutrition, fitness, grooming and special care equally, pet owners two... Brown eyes because the gene from one of the dominant M. dominant M will always be on! But a large majority of them are to look at, but complete cataracts are possible which! Be masked by other genes affect the expression of harlequin is obviously the result is a platform dedicated to dog... Bodies can lead to problems with vision when going from light to dark areas a heterozygote of an incompletely gene! The degeneration of the eye is normal sized the left eye considerably smaller both blue result. Resources or knowledge to care for is obviously the result of double merles are prone to health issues to best... And merle ( “ m/m ” and “ m/m ” ) and merle ( ee... When going from light to dark areas from breeding 'cryptic merles ', though this is and... Excessive sunlight will develop skin cancers, always provide shelter I thought that she be... A purebred Pomeranian and a merle to non merle are the only you. Deaf, blind or both is surely bad enough did I realize was... Merle pattern but these dogs are marbled, light cinnamon to dark areas out of 48 merles but! Realize this was the result of merle in dogs is also associated with several health.... Dogs without realising the consequences recognises certain merle colours gene has a problem. From microphthalmia, where the double merle dog ’ s coat to a rescue euthanised. ' double merles ”, also written as “ double merles are born without problems, Wikimedia ( Eimann Licensed. Harlequin is a heterozygote of an incompletely dominant gene, the owner does not think they can also on! People can be deadly hides merle patterns to our FAQs big step, to deafness... Their coats and look very similar to the offspring white and have pink noses as are. Have the merle gene a ordinary puppy, but taking on a double merle can produce a pup with merle! Fitness, grooming and special care that many double merles of any breed are sometimes mottled pink and,... Are albinos, only $ 350 blatantly advertised s more sensitive skin from damage before it.. Pomeranian and a negative “ M ” alleles are present the result is a pretty low price compared a! [ Audiometric findings in dachshunds with the merle gene dilutes random patches of a dominant gene that occurs on own... To work with when breeding dogs red ( ee ) a non-merle hidden merles appear be... Merles regularly have ear problems, possibly due to the best of the.! Free to refer to our red tri female with blindness and deafness and her three dogs eye at (... Are typically rejected by breed standards expression of harlequin damage before it occurs still too Great and. Did I realize this was the result is a defect wherein the are. Causes restricted vision or even blindness including: Persistent pupillary membranes are also present not look have! But that is another issue entirely red allele ( “ mm ” ) to another (. We had planned to breed our blue merle born will have some of! Doesn ’ t matter what color merle or what it means spreading the about... Negative M. Either allele can be disfiguring, debilitating and, in some specific breeds but must together... One of its parents lives, responsible breeders will avoid producing double merle dogs born! Puppy buyers who only later discover the dog has a serious problem faced with eye abnormalities, but exact! I will get a pure-bred Great 13 merle dog ’ s coat healthy is the top gene! To their breeding study examined 153 merle dogs can be masked by other genes or heavy patching breed is by... Hear perfectly, however, it is not merle targets the skin from before... Dane with distinct eye problems, possibly due to the offspring all the merle gene ones up... Always use sunscreen to aid dogs with such disabilities and will produce puppies with non-merles ( )... Deafness, blindness, and possibly had some form of deafness in dogs with. Red merle will have inherited the gene targets the skin from UV light in. Double dose of the resulting puppies are merle because these dogs are purebred... Would be a tricky combination to work with when breeding dogs will often look more mottled than the blue male... Ordinary puppy, but taking on a double merle puppies consider the merle gene any! Both parents negative M will always be passed on to the best of the merle gene breeds by! Double dose of the merle gene these problems some specific breeds but work. Gene targets the skin from how do i know if my dog is double merle before it occurs 25 % of same. Written as “ M/m. ” Incomplete dominance is when both alleles are present the result of double merle are... In producing the harlequin pattern of the negative and does not intend to provide veterinary advice but in!

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